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Social Media is now one of the driving forces in Googles new algorithms for search.

Interaction between your Atlanta business and your prospects or customers is essential to your brand.
Likes and Shares on Facebook, Tweets on Twitter, Viewings of Videos on YouTube all effect your company’s website rankings now.
Other Google properties such as Google Plus or Google My Business can significantly affect your websites Google search results and visa versa.

Connect with your market on a personal level. Get involved in the discussion.

Want to be taken seriously by your prospects or customers? When was the last time you Googled a business and their social profiles weren’t highly ranked in the search results?
People tend to trust a business with an established brand and social presence online and so does Google!

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If done correctly, Social Media can drive traffic to your offers and increase sales. More traffic comes from Social Media sites than any other current digital medium and more and more sales are being made due to Social Media sites when compared to traditional websites.
Managing all these social accounts can be very tedious. Managing, updating, responding and posting can be real time suckers.

Outsourcing your Social Media makes sense! It takes the time and temptation away from your current staff and allows for a more professional approach to Social Media.

Why Us?

Your Atlanta business must have the same identity and branding across all of your online properties. This allows you to leverage you message across many different channels.

The Advantage Local Social Media team doesn’t just manage your company’s social presence. They go much deeper into optimizing your brand. Each Social Media profile is optimized and standardized across all of your company’s social profiles. Our Experts make sure that your promos, posts or press releases are distributed to all social outlets at the same time.

Management and Optimization is Task Intensive and Time Consuming. Don’t let it distract you from your core business. Outsource it! Contact Advantage Local Agency and let us take care of your social presence.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms can be used to communicate your products and services to potential customers online.


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