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Pay-Per-Click – Do it wrong and you are throwing money away without getting the best return on investment. Done properly and you can eliminate wasteful clicks and reach exactly the market you are targeting.

Advertising online can be a very efficient medium when done correctly. It isn’t just paying only for the clicks you get, but also making sure your ad only displays to your target market.

The Huge Advantages Are:

  • Targeting Your Audience
  • Pay Only for a Positive Result
  • Immediate, On Demand Traffic

Adwords – Google is the king of search and their product is named Adwords. It has a reach of billions, but allows you to filter those billions down to your local Atlanta, or national target market.
Simply decide on a budget and allow our professionals fine tune your ads and your target market.

To improve the quality of clicks each ad should be tested, adjusted and increased or decreased for maximum return on investment. To increase conversions, each ad should be directed to a specific landing page, not just to your company website home page.

Get instant results. You literally pay only for the traffic that you get.

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What is Retargeting? | Atlanta

A potential customer comes to your website. Great, but most visitors fail to purchase your product or service on the first visit. Your Atlanta business can now target them for remarketing.

You’ve probably seen it before, you visit a website to gather information about a product or service and then it seems like everywhere you surf on the internet an ad for that company’s product or service is on almost every page you visit. That’s Retargeting!

Best of all, you only pay if they click on your ad.

All that exposure and constant reminders to get them to return and buy your product or service at very little cost to your business. You can even change the ad to increase the chance of them returning to buy. How about a discount?

You should never do online advertising without following up with retargeting.

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Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms can be used to communicate your products and services to potential customers online.


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Raise your website to the top of the search engine rankings for the words and phrases your customers are searching for online.



Does your website present a professional image to your potential customers? Stale content and an old style website are customer killers.


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Need to get to the top of the search engines tomorrow? Pay Per Click can get you there.