How To Get Media Attention As A Small Business

How To Get Media Attention As A Small Business

Small business owners have always faced a dilemma when it comes to finding and getting media coverage. There have never been more media avenues than there is today. Advertising is an expensive endeavor. If you are not sure to get a big return on the investment, it is money and opportunity wasted. It is a safe bet that at least some of your competition will grab your target while you are trying to recover. The best PR firms know, getting media coverage is a goldmine and they make it a priority in their campaigns.

Making Choices

There are many types of media coverage. Print media coverage, broadcast (television and radio), and social media (internet) are the primary forms most small businesses address. Most businesses immediately look toward broadcast. It seems everyone wants to advertise on the major network morning shows. But is that the right choice for your company?  Many times, the answer is no. Unless your target audience is likely to watch morning television you will probably not get the ROI you need. Further, if the time slots are packed with like products and similar companies, you will become part of the “group” hoping that somehow your product jumps out as better than your competition's product.

Attracting the media

With a little groundwork and research, you will be able to identify the type of media coverage you want to attract. Here are a few tips that will help you get your foot in the door.

  • Identify your expertise
  • Know what you are good at and know your limits. Be honest with yourself. No one expects you to be great at everything. Focus on your abilities and what you can lay claim to as being an expert.

  • Tie to a bigger picture
  • Everyone needs a “hook”. This means becoming part of or attaching yourself to something bigger. Maybe it is a holiday that ties in with what you do, or a civic event that is nearing. Maybe you want to tie to a political race or a race for charity. Whatever your hook, introduce your company as helpful, unique, and trendy.

  • Your pitch
  • Your pitch is very important. It must be attention grabbing, to the point (one paragraph) and interesting. Your subject line MUST be an eye-catching sentence that will prompt the reader to read on. Media outlets get thousands of pitches. Make yours stand out. There is plenty of resources on the web to help you.

  • Get busy
  • Get active on social media. Respond to comments, blogs, and vlogs. Start locally and focus on what is happening in your own backyard. Dig deeper into the print and posts you see. Make yourself known to people who are in the circle that encompasses your commercial field. Volunteer, contribute, donate (time, money, or whatever is needed.) and let others make some noise about it. Do not be afraid to ask for a review online from someone you are helping.

    It is worth every penny to work with an experienced PR firm. The building blocks of creating your media base takes time to gather and cultivate. Marketing is an ever-changing field and a professional can use that to your advantage. Whether you work with a PR firm or attempt to establish your media niche on your own, it will take dedication and effort. The return is higher profit margins and a firm foundation in the marketing community.